Proven to reduce foot pain and injuries by up to 91%*

Enertor insoles have been independently proven to reduce pain and prevent injuries from conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

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Usain Bolt holding a pack of Enertor insoles

Trusted by the Pros

Enertor® insoles are the only insoles worn and endorsed by 8-time Olympic champion and World record holder, Usain Bolt. They played a crucial role in helping him to stay injury free during training.

British army walking across moorland using Enertor insoles

Mandated by the military

In tests with the military, Enertor® insoles were proven to reduce injuries by 66%. As a result, they are the only shock-absorbing insoles to be mandated by the British Armed Forces.

Cover page of Enertor injury reduction study conducted by Creative Medical Research

Proven to heal pain and prevent injury

In independent studies conducted by Creative Medical Research, Enertor® insoles were proven to reduce pain and injury for up to 91% of Plantar Fasciitis sufferers. 

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Stay injury free

At ENERTOR®, we've been helping people to stay pain and injury free since 1998 with our world-leading foot clinic and revolutionary insoles.

Our products and services are used and trusted by elite athletes, the military and health professionals around the world.

But we’re not only here for the professionals, everyone can benefit from our expertise and technology, whether it's for pain relief, injury protection or increased performance.

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