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Advanced Shock Absorption

Our tennis insoles can help reduce foot and heel pain and help prevent impact related injuries.

Stability & Support

Designed by leading podiatrists for unbeatable stability and support. Tennis insoles can help restore lower limb alignment to improve foot balance.

Tennis players are prone to overuse injuries due to the high impact and repetitive motions required for the game. Quick changes in direction can cause ankle sprains, and the fast repetitive movements can lead to knee injury.  Lower back strains can be cause by the stress on the muscles and joints, particularly when serving.

Enertor insoles have been designed to both prevent and aid recovery from these types of injury and are proven to reduce foot and heel pain for over 91% of people.

Enertor insoles are the only insoles  to use D3O technology –  a smart material that cushions the foot when moved slowly but locks together on impact to absorb and disperse energy, before instantly returning to its flexible state.

Enertor insoles reduce shock by 44% and provide 36% energy return for improved performance, and an initial burst of foot energy when moving around the court. With regular use Enertor insoles can help to reduce pain and reduce the risk of suffering lower limb injuries. An independent study found that 91% of wearers of Enertor insoles noticed an improvement in pain relief with 83% of wearers saying they would recommend them to a friend.

Tennis insoles can help to improve posture, therefore reducing pressure on the lower part of the spine, and improve lower limb alignment and function. High quality tennis insoles will also help to absorb shock at heel strike and with help to strengthen your ankles and reduce soft tissue knee irritations. The improvement in rear foot alignment will also reduce stress on the Achilles tendon. The natural heel lift within the insole reduces stress on the Achilles and Patella tendons and redistributes pressure away from the tendons whilst reducing impact irritation through shock absorption.


Enertor insoles offer proven foot and lower limb protection and pain relief to racket sport players worldwide. So, whether you’re a professional player or an amateur, an adult or a youth player, Enertor tennis insoles should be as much a part of your kit as your racket. Just remove your existing inserts in your tennis shoes and replace them with Enertor insoles and feel the difference.

Whilst Enertor has over 18 years Orthotics experience we advise anyone with an injury to seek their own medical advice from their local clinician.

What people are saying about Enertor insoles?

  • E. D.

    E. Davis
    Haven’t really used insoles before but these were a good fit into my shoe and were very comfortable around your foot. Highly recommend using these if you run a lot.

  • Chris B.

    I got a pair of ENERTOR inserts to try and am more impressed than expected. I have flat feet and have had issues in the past with inserts being too rigid for my foot. These have been great and have been very supportive. I look forward to finishing this marathon training cycle and see how my legs feel afterwards.

  • Lily

    Makes even cheap trainers great
    Received a pair of these about a month ago when coming off a case of mild piriformis so thought I’d try these in my trainers for day to day wear. Found them super comfortable and supportive. Then getting back into running and the gym they are great for all sports and gives support that my gym trainers haven’t been able to provide. Would definitely recommend them to others.

  • Paul Carter

    A great insole
    Used these insoles in my walking boots training for the 3 peak challenge and feet feel comforted at every step with reduced impact and tiredness compared to the insoles that came with the boots. They offer increased stability and make the boots feel like they were made for me. I’ve also started wearing them daily in my work shoes and the difference is enormous. I will now buy a second pair. I highly recommend these insoles for sports activity or general use.

  • G

    High quality, but obviously limited in that they are not bespoke
    Happy with the product to go in casual shoes. The heel raise and the arch support are decent. I had to cut around the edge of the main foot part so it fit in my shoes – but that may be just because of my narrow shoes. Easily fixed anyway. They won’t give you any extra athletic performance, but may help take stress off the achilles for anyone who has achilles pain. Good quality. Well made. Feel comfortable to wear.

  • Simon B.

    Stable support and shock absorption
    I used Enertor insoles as a replacement in my football boots following an impact ankle injury, and have seen an improvement in post activity pain. They provide firm support and comfort, and fit very well. I would definitely recommend these having tried them.

  • Ethan B.

    These Insoles are great.
    These Insoles are great. I do a lot of walking and after getting these I noticed that I felt less fatigue at the end of the day. My one complaint is that the heel of the insole was too thick and almost didn’t allow the back of the shoes to hold as well as I would have liked. Other than that they are amazing.

  • Rebecca H.

    The insoles themselves are designed well with functioning technology that can have real performance benefits. However, I found the insoles slightly too thick (football boots) which gave a feeling of vulnerability towards twisting or rolling my ankle. With slight modification to the depth of the product I think this could be potentially be a good, beneficial insole.

  • Keith P.

    An excellent insole for athletic use.
    The Enertor Performance Insoles are extremely comfortable. The additional heel support provides an extra level of comfort and protection from the pounding and heat that comes from training and competing.

  • Ben

    Very Comfortable
    Great to run in but would be better if they were a bit lighter.

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