Team Enertor Spot Light: Wil


You may have spotted our amazing Team Enertor over on Instagram recently?  Team Enertor are an amazing inspiring group and here at Enertor HQ we’re proud to have them rep’ing our brand.   Each month, we chose an Ambassador of the Month and find out a little more about them.  This month we picked Wil – a super inspiring, motivated and inspiration OCR-addict!

Hey Wil, How did you get into OCR? My first OCR was called Zombie Evacuation in which my best friends participated in. However, it was in 2015 when I started to run more races – 15 or so I think in 2015, last year (2016) I did 37 whilst in 2017 I am probably doing the same quantity of races this year but mixing it up with a few road and trail races.

What got you hooked? Tough Mudder really got me hooked. I had done a few races in preparation for it. But the sheer size of obstacles compared to other OCRs I had done was something to behold. I remember the first time I managed “Everest” and my first icy dip in “Arctic Enema”. The feeling of success was overwhelming crossing the finish line and after 13 miles.

And what’s your biggest motivation? Having fun. I only do so many races because I enjoy them so much. Whether I’m racing alone or running with the OCRSoloMudders, it’s all about having fun, offering a muddy hand and smiling for the camera.

Your biggest achievement to date? Managing to get on the front cover of Obstacle Race Magazine. A top 10 finish at Anglesey 10km. As an obstacle racer, I have started working on my running speed and endurance; the top 10 has showed that the hard miles over the winter has started to pay off.

Training for anything big at the mo? Yes, I am training for my first (and probably last) half marathon at the Liverpool Rock and Roll HM at the end of May. Many Enertor ambassadors have said once you complete your first HM, you want to do more. Me? I’m not so sure!

Do you have a training routine or do you just go with the flow? Yes, I train and run 3/4 times a week – It’s a bit of a mix which includes Les Mills Body Combat, Circuit training and trail running. I’ve recently joined an athletics club to improve my running and to prepare for Liverpool RnR.

What’s your ultimate OCR goal? I would really like to participate in World’s Toughest Mudder – a 24 hour endurance obstacle race currently based in Las Vegas. This year I am taking part in Toughest Mudder which is an 8 hour race starting at midnight where I am hoping to hit at least 25 miles.

Ever suffered any set backs, and how did you overcome them? No, I have been really fortunate not to have been injured since I have started running again. Many friends have also mentioned this so I really hope it’s not some form of hex for 2017

Do you have a pre-OCR ritual/routine? Jaegarbombs! Only kidding,  not a routine as such, but I like to get out and say hello to fellow racers – you normally see the same faces at each race. As long as it’s not racing, the sunglasses are normally on and lots of selfies are taken.

How do you recover after a race? I like to do a short stretch routine as soon after the race as possible whilst drinking some water and and eating a banana. Once I am home I will foam roll and stretch my legs by walking Winston. I also get regular sports massages at Staffordshire University.

Best thing about being a part of Team Enertor? As a non-runner, they make me want me to run more. Its great that Marcelino lives close, we have managed to run together. Whilst Natasha, Marcus, Patric, Ben and all the other ambassadors who are awe-inspiring in their own way. I’m so happy to be amongst them such a positive team. I do need to up my instagram game though!

How’d you like your Enertors? I love them. I have them in my running and gym trainers and they have certainly made a difference. Treadmill is that little easier, whilst Body Combat is much easier on the joints than before. I look forward to testing them out in OCR and I am sure will help with the longer, more technical races.

What do you do when you are not dragging yourself through muddy obstacles? I am a marketing ninja by day, working for a finance company in Stoke-on-Trent. I have a rescue spaniel called Winston who is very spoiled and gets 3 walks a day. Other than that – Criminal Minds, Elementary and The Walking dead are all on the DVR.

Any final words of advice for your fellow OCR fans?
Always offer a muddy hand and smile for the camera (however tough you may be finding it)!

You can follow Wil over on Insta HERE and find Enertor on Insta HERE – don’t forget to look for #teamenertor to keep up with our awesome team

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What people are saying about Enertor insoles?

  • Mere R.

    Just what I needed!!!
    I started the year with terrible IT Band pain in my right leg. It was so bad that walking & even sitting became uncomfortable. I decided to try Enertor Insoles & noticed with the use of them the pain going away. I was back to running & even better – I was finally pain-free! These insoles are just what I needed! I am so thankful for Enertor!!!

  • Ben L.

    Ben Lloyd
    After having some injury scares early season I felt that my insoles gave me the extra support that helped prevent injury so when the time came I was ready as ever. Now that I have won English schools and going to compete for England next week I can genuinely say the insole support I got was so helpful in training, and in races.

  • Tanya P.

    Feel great!!
    Feel great!!

  • Ben

    Very Comfortable
    Great to run in but would be better if they were a bit lighter.

  • Laura S.

    Excellent impact protection
    As a reviewer has mentioned below – these won’t fit in lower profile shoes or spikes, however in day to day running shoes, they’re great. I’ve started using them whilst coming back from tendonitis and while they make no medical claims, they’re definitely helping with impact absorbency and comfort. Would be 5 stars if I could fit them in every pair I own!

  • Victoria T.

    Ultra distance
    Enertor insoles give excellent energy return! Fatigue is a main issues over running ultra distances, Enertor insoles definitely reduce this by cushioning heel impact and helping a better foot strike which is more mid-fore foot than heel. I’ll definitely be using them for future 50 & 100 Mile ultras.

  • J. D.

    10 years and a new start
    It’s been a long holiday from exercise and a tough, if determined return. Adding Enetor insoles into the mix 3-weeks in has actually made a pleasurable difference, just when I’d begun to wonder if the effort was worth it. Def. a base part of my new kit.

  • Kristen

    Fantastic for those who won’t settle
    Bought these for my husband who won’t let life slow him down, even after rupturing his Achilles tendon a little while back. There’s always another race to run, a better time to achieve and a more difficult course to tackle. These are amazing for those who refuse to settle #breakyourlimits

  • Annabelle

    Fantastic insole – helping me in my marathon training
    Have been using Enertor for a couple of weeks now and they are incredible, very comfortable and I feel like I have a spring in my step. I had a hip injury earlier this year but since using the insoles haven’t even had a twinge in my hip and give them a lot of credit for that. As marathon training can be tough on your body, so nice to know I am protecting it as best I can with these insoles.

  • Annette D.

    Great replacement for my insoles
    I replaced my current insoles with Enertor and can feel a real difference in my running this week. I feel more supported, a bit more springy, and legs are less tired after the run. I really like them and feel that my performance has a better chance of improving. Thanks for bringing out such a great product!

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